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Asmo and surks and balaur.... Ohh my!!

Corey13, Jun 25, 11 2:19 AM.
Dredge is going to be the next instance for most people in the guild.. Dredgion is lvl 46-50 I (vollker) am wanting a solid static group and wanting to help other guildies make their own static group.. Please contact me on info with any instances and help putting together a solid group.. Thanks

Welcome all new members

litherion73, May 19, 11 10:21 PM.
Welcome all new members glad to have you with us:)We dont ask much just be nice and polite and join us on vent if you can.Also save crafting items and such see if our crafters need.You help us out and we will do the same thank you.Also we expect everyone in the legion to treat each other with resepct and kindness this includes people not in the legion lead by example and make us look good ty jeremy:) 

New Forum: Legion Needs

[WM]Starbright, May 1, 11 4:35 AM.
A new forum entitled, "Legion Needs" was added today. In this forum you are free to post items that you are looking for so that others in the Legion can see it and possibly find it for you.

The forum is visible to Legion members only. Check it out!

Login to the Website!

[WM]Starbright, Apr 23, 11 1:11 PM.
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Website In Progress

[WM]Starbright, Apr 15, 11 12:32 AM.
This website is still in progress. Expect a ton of changes. If you have any suggestions please send Starbright a mail message in-game or you can email me at Thanks!
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